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Ceramic coatings in Idaho

Pocatello Idaho,

Ceramic coatings are a wonderful thing! Before we talk about that let’s talk about my hometown! Pocatello, Idaho is a city founded in 1889, Pocatello is known as the “Gateway to the northwest” Coined as the city that smiles. Fun Fact in 1948 Mayor George Phillips passed an ordinance to make it illegal to smile!

What is a ceramic coating?

Let’s take a second to really talk about ceramic coatings. It’s permanent, does it protect against scratches? What it’s watersport proof!

The industry has clouded the ceramic coating marketing with false claims, HUGE lies in terms of durability, and has made it harder to understand than it should be.

Ceramic coatings are a chemically engineered Nanotechnology that allows sio2(SIlica dioxide), Silica carbide, Titanium oxide, etc. to bond to the surface of clear coating creating a layer that does the following

  • Gloss enhance (deep rich gloss)
  • Hydrophobic (water-repellent)
  • UV protection
  • Aids in Micro Marring ( happens when we wash the car)
  • LAST way longer than traditional waxes and polymers
  • Easy to clean (Maintenance)
  • Becomes that sacrificial layer

Ceramic coatings are so amazing in terms of looks, cleaning, and becoming that sacrificial layer that takes all the hits, chemical resistance, protection against bird droppings, etc.

So Why get a ceramic coating?

They say pictures are like a thousand words, the photo below shows a clear coat on a newer Subaru it is on the edge of getting damaged, losing its luster completely, and in short becoming utterly ugly. We ask the question when seeing the picture below “ can it be saved?” And yes it can but why spend the 100’s of dollars to get the scratches removed, and fix the gloss if the UVB/UVA protection is gone? Ceramic coatings add that layer of protection from UV.

Before the paint correction

Ceramic coatings help it stop looking like ^ to looking like this. Protecting what is most important.

Being one of the few in Pocatello Idaho to offer a true paint correction and ceramic coating process I can say the coating for this if maintained will last up to 5 years.

After the 2-step paint correction and wet sanding, 5 year coating was applied after

So why a ceramic coating? protect your investment keep your glossy beautiful paint clean and enjoy the hard work of your labor.

Ec Details LLC has done over 120+ coatings in the year 2022. Over 120 we have seen all kinds of paint come through the shop and the most important thing is this. Let us protect your car so you can enjoy it.

In short Ceramic coatings, protects your vehicle from chemicals, bird droppings, marring, and UV damage, and allow you to have the best hydrophobic possible for a longer period of time!

So what coating did we apply to this beauty? we went with a 5-year coating from Fireball USA they offer some of the best protection in the business with a legit warranty for our clients. this helps us clients have a piece of mind that we use the best possible coatings with the best possible outcomes with Idaho seasons in mind. What do we mean by that, Pocatello Idaho has some of the harasses summers and winters, we truly get all seasons. So it’s important to us as a business to offer a coating that lives the “hype” of durability and has real-world claims. This allows our customers to have a piece of mind that quality is at the core of who we are.

So if you’re reading this and you’re ready to get your vehicle protected with the best possible coatings in the business reach out to us!