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Ceramic Coatings is it worth it?

Are ceramic coatings truly worth it? Wait first let’s describe what a ceramic coating actually does. Ceramic coatings protect against UV & Sunshine. Over time, the sun can break down factory clear coats. UV mixed with impurities that settle on the surface of your car will introduce oxidation and faded paint.

Your thinking to yourself ” My car is new”, I’m glad you mentioned that. Bird droppings and Tree Gum/Sap can happen to anyone regardless of the vehicle. This too can create what we call etching in the paint. In short, can eat the clear coat.

Recently I worked on a brand new Camry that tree sap was on the b-pillars ( black piano pieces of the car). Ate through the clear coat. Brand new! The cost to repaint and get it fixed would be been steep. I was able to save it and add a coating to the care to save it in the feature from happening

Before the clear coat repair
After the paint repair

Ceramic coatings help protect against bird droppings and tree gum/sap. It becomes that sacrificial layer keeping that beautiful clear coat in tack.

Why Get a ceramic coating through us?

  • Permanent Protection from UV damage
  • Insane Gloss
  • No More Polishing
  • No More Waxing
  • Crazy release and hydrophobic properties
  • Easy to mantenance
  • Made In USA
  • Up to 7 Year Warranty
  • Transferable & Activated on CarFax
Ec details Ceramic
Ceramic coatings we offer

We offer coatings that are backed by a 3rd party insurance company, we install it and we register it to carfax. What does that mean for you and why is it worth it? If tree sap, weather corrosion, bird droppings, industrial fall out, break down the coating. All that is covered starting at a $2500 aggregate 3 years / 5 years/ 7 years. Making it easier to clean and maintain and keeping you worry-free!

Drive your car and let the coating do the protecting! To know more ceramic coatings packages