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Ceramic Windshield Coatings -What, how, and more! – Glassparency Certified.

Hey everyone! While we are moving our shop I thought it would be great to take 15 mins to create a post about windshield coatings. We hear that phrase being said or mentioned a lot in the detailing community.

SO what is a Ceramic windshield coating, and what are its goals of it? How long does it last? Let’s tackle the first question.

Windshield Coatings – what is it? It’s a chemical that is formulated to make the glass hydrophobic, more durable, and optically clear – When we read the last part “Optically clear’ we are referring to rainy weather how the water just flows off the glass at a rapid rate, they call this the contact angle of 60degrees to 110 degrees, the coating is what makes the water bead and ultimately roll off.

So in short Glass coatings, keep the windshield cleaner, hydrophobic increased clarity, and help reduce glair.

So how long does it last? Great question My wife and I in the last 4 months have installed 40 windshield coatings, we have used brands like Owners Pride, Gyeon, and Systems X each offering up to 3 years of protection. Some say 1-2 years but often than not we have seen those last less than 3 months. That’s worrisome, we want to make sure that our Customers have the best possible coating, longevity, and trust in the products that paid for. So enter Glassparency – they are a company that only offers windshield coatings through certified installers, this is important as it gives you the customer the ability to get a coating through us and know that its is done right and that it will last 3 years. We are certified ← what does this mean? It means that are a working shop, LLC, and Insured. We go through the correct process of cleaning the glass and applying the coating to the windshield.


Glassparency has no cure time you can get it wet right away.

It is warrantied for 3 years.

Best in class customer service.

Dont wait to see clear call today to see get your glass coating!