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Do you really need a coating for a new car?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I get asked a lot “Eddie, do I need paint correction and a coating on a new car”. Usually, they hear “depends” if you take your new car to the car wash, then yes! All they heard though was “He wants me to spend more money”

I had the chance to work on a new beautiful 2020 GMC Sierra AT4. Black GM paint actually one of the hardest paints to correct. The paint is soft thin and causes issues when polishing. We call those love marks, marring, and hazing. When I first looked at the truck here is what I saw

Walk around the hood
Initial walk around the car

Swirl town scratches the whole truck was covered it. Some even looked like they had water spots that were etched in. The extent of the damage is massive. Off we took, we washed the car, decimated it with a clay bar and iron remover, and went to work.

Before the first step
After the first step

After 8 hours of correcting the paint fighting with the GM soft black, we were able to remove 60-80% of the defects. All caused by running into a car wash “because its convenient”. Protect your investment!

We added a 7 year coating to give it a sacrificial layer 7h+ hardness and help protect against the elements. We went from scratch city to Glossy heaven.

Finished 7 year coating applied and polished
Ceramic coating and paint correctd

So I say again “Do you really need a ceramic coating on new cars” I go n to say YES!

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