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EC Details – Detail Studio

Where do we start? 2020 during covid a lot of things changed. People all around were making changes to their careers, finding ways to make suitable income. During that time we decided to start EC details LLC. Bev and I had no idea the response we would get starting a new business in Pocatello Idaho. I was fortunate enough to learn the ropes from my father who would detail old cars and make them show-ready.

The beginnings

We starting EC details with the idea of saving money, the prices of shops are and have gone up. The cost to get the shop looking like you want costs thousands. Most important is the ability to detail someone’s vehicle and get them the kind of detail they want. So we decided to spend the money training and converting our single car garage to a detail shop that is presentable. New drywalling, new lights, and adding water cost $5980

Adding water and 20 amp plug for the pressure washer

We started taking more and more customers by the end of July we have done 40 coatings, 20 interiors, and 50 paint corrections. A small shop! We were booked out for 3 months the Lord was blessing it allowed us to buy better equipment, better tools, and get more training. We started offering Gyeon, Owners Pride, and other coating services. July comes around and the trucks are getting bigger and the space is getting smaller we decide it was time to get a place. Looking around Pocatello the shops were so expensive $4000 a month not including water and power. After praying and looking at other ways to get a bigger space we decided- WHY NOT A DETAIL STUDIO, one that looks like Youtube and has a few European vibes. The journey began we took our last car in July and moved our customers out and began the process of finding a spot. We found a 920sqft place that fits our needs monthly cost only went up 30% , 3 Bays 8 foot doors and a triple the space.

Day one nothing we had to rip walls out , and run water

The process started we had 12 days to get our shop up and running, floors were ordered, painting done and a bunch of electrical work had to be completed to allow for the 20 amps needed across the space. Commercial lights were added, custom flooring, water, sink

Detail Studio

Ec detail Studio was born! We offer Paint correction, Ceramic warrantied coatings, Interior details, custom scratch removal…. and our services will continue to go up. We are blessed and fortunate to have made this move and look forward to servicing our customers in Pocatello, Chubbuck and Blackfoot

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