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Introducing Fireball Ceramic Coatings

EC details will now be offering Fireball Ceramic Coatings. We have applied ceramic coatings to over 100 vehicles in a small shop here in Pocatello Idaho. With that, we have tried many brands in search of something that lasts the “Claimed Durability” time. that can survive the harsh weather conditions of Idaho ( Heat, cold, salt, etc). As well as give us the stuff we Idahoian need, chemical resistance, salt resistant, and some water spotting resistant. We pride ourselves in offering nothing but the best. From the soaps, rinseless wash products to our interior chemicals and dressings. It’s years of testing and trying to get to where we are today. Introducing Fireball ceramic coatings

What is Fireball Ceramics and how are they different?

Fireball USA is a company that has been in the US for a couple of years but the brand itself has been in business since 2002 located out of South Korea, and they offer the highest SIO2 Ceramic coatings % in the world. What this means is more actual ceramic going onto the paint and being applied vs having the solvent carriers being the main ingredient in a coating. Fireball Ceramics offers some of the best coatings in the business, the process of becoming an installer starts with a conversation and verification of you as the installer. Can your shop perform paint correction? How are the reviews are you honest etc. With that, every installer is required to take on-the-job training within a year of becoming approved.

SO Eddie why the article? Well we want to introduce you to our new line of ceramics products that we will be carrying.. Book your coating today

Fireball Aegis

Information was taken from Fireball USA

Fireball Aegis ceramic coating
Aegis 2 year durability

Aegis is a groundbreaking product, containing over 76% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of pure Si02 (higher quality and concentration in Si02 than most other coatings on the market). Aegis also contains titanium which is unseen in the industry for most coatings at this level.

Aegis is an exceptional all-round coating with amazing versatility that can be used on exterior and interior surfaces, and has a factory backed Guarantee for up to 2 years.

2 year durability

Flexible -hard outer shell

Adds high levels of gloss

High chemical resistance


Si02 Content comparative to top tier competitor offerings that claim (5 years +)

Fire ball USA

Fireball Devils Blood

Fireball Devils blood ceramic

Devils Blood is the next generation of car care technology. Utilizing an innovative hybrid nano structure that create a high gloss, and dense coating with advances in various attributes including durability against water spots, acid, solvents, ice, oil, dirt, and UV radiation. Backed by a factory guarantee for up to 3 years. The powerful and  superhydrophobic qualities resist the elements from the harshest conditions. This coating has an unprecedented self-cleaning feature , and limits dirt within its own bounds unlike other coatings of this nature. Devil’s Blood contains over 81% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of Si02, and also contains heavy amounts of titanium dioxide. 

Fireball USA

3 Year durability

Highest level of hydrophobics

Great chemical resistance

Creates outstanding depth

Optimal solution for price and quality

Fireball. USA

Fireball Silla

Fireball silla

Silla is the highest corrosion resistant ceramic coating in the Fireball collection. Specializing in assurance against harmful contaminants, It features a single layer that warrants up to a 5 year guarantee from a proven formula pushing boundaries that provides excellent chemical resistance against salt, rust, and grime. Silla contains over 88% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of Si02, and also contains heavy amounts of titanium dioxide for more protection. 

Fire Ball Usa

5 Year durability

Added protection from pollution

Highest chemical resistance

Intense surface clarity

Heavy concentration

Perfect for marine applications

Fireball USA

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