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Idaho Ceramic Coatings

EC Details prides itself on being known for quality at no expense. We offer some of the best coatings in the business. We offer Idaho Ceramic Coatings for trucks, SUV’s and more. What makes us different?

  1. We are a certifed husband and wife team. What does it mean to be certified ? It means we have the skill, the experience and the space to offer some of the best coatings in the business backed by warranties that cover the cost of the coating and reapplications.
    1. We make sure to be upfront and direct about the process. Coatings being applied in 2 hours without the proper paint care is a lie and you should avoid them. Every car gets foam, and full mechanical and chemical decontamention,
    2. Every car gets a paint gauge thickness report, with before pictures and after results. Our goal before we slap the coating on the car is to take it from good better to best.
    3. We use the best compounds and polishes to make sure your expectations is reality
Paint correctiom

This car was foam, decon and paint corrected before applying a coatings

Ceramic Coatings help keep your paint glossy, protect from UV/UB rays, make maintenance easier and upkeep easy and quick. Protects against iron and chemical fallout. Why not invest your protection and get your car coated with EC Details.

For all our packages go here for more information about what we offer and or questions go here.

7 year coating, paint corrected

SO lets get to it what does a ceramic coating cost and what does it come with! All of our coatings come with the following:

A full Exterior wash, with Clay bar treatment and chemical decontamination, exterior wheels , plastics and trim clean and treated

Depending on the package we offer a paint enhancement (25% defect removal) , 1 Step ( 50-70% removal) and a 2 step correction where we try depending on the paint for 85%+.

Then we apply the coating, our coatings come in a 2 year – 10 year coating.

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