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NV Car Care #1 Detailing Products 2022

IM going to make a claim that NV Car care is the #1 detailing product of 2022. Keep reading!

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer! The kids are back in school, the sun is setting quickly and we’re like 95 days to Christmas! With all that said there is a new product in the air. We’ll new to me old to the detailing community. Enter…..

NV Car care

NV Car care is a company located in beautiful Australia. This Gem of a company makes some of the best products I have ever used. “Eddie we heard this before with others.” Since I started detailing there have been some things that I’ve learned. The product is expensive, Iron decon smell’s like rotten eggs in a dumpster and it is the worst smelling chemical you will ever smell! It’s been a trial trying to find Iron decon that does a wonderful job but doesn’t smell like eggs. NV Car care has it, I found the mecca of DECON sprays. NO harsh smells, no gagging and throwing up just a great result for a wonderful price!

Purify gives you an Iron and Clay bar lube for the paint making decon a treat to do with amazing results. You can order the products at Parks Car Care( Nick Parks is the owner of that company and I gotta tell you not only do you get the opportunity to get some of the best products in business you also get the quickest shipping and packaging that rivals that of coach( The purse company))

The picture was taken from Parks Car care

Back to the topic at hand. All NV Car Care products are manufactured in Australia this company has been creating ceramic coatings and other chemicals for top-tier detailing companies for over 15 years.

EC Details has always wanted to be the premier ceramic specialist and paint correction studio in Pocatello, Idaho. We want to offer the best products and the best coatings, and use the best compounds in the business. We are there now! We will be offering NV EVO PRO coatings for our top Platinum package. What makes NV pro so good is that there is no HYPE in “durability claims” it is all tested in the real world getting real results. Super-hydrophobic, Self cleaning properties, Chemical Resistance with longevity that rivals any “pro” installer coating on the market. NO FLUFF just results.

We will be offering NV EVO ceramic coatings for our Gold packages 3 years of true durability, self-cleaning 110+ degrees of water contact angle Robust environmental contaminant resistance & crazy water repellency.

We are excited to be partnering with NV Car Care USA , As their Certified Ceramic Specialist servicing Idaho. We at EC Details want to thank all of our customers who have enjoyed the NV EVOLUTION over the last couple of months. Below are some of the highlights and Cars we did for EVO and NV PRO

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