Paint Correction Services

In Pocatello ,Idaho

Where rain, snow, rocks, grim, film, tar try to destroy your investment. Our detailing process makes it so you can enjoy driving while being protected. We help restore paint back to its rich lustre with glass like shine!

Why our Paint Correction Services & what is paint correction?

The process of paint correcting a vehicle involves removing imperfections in its finish and restoring it to a better-than-new state. A car with these imperfections may have swirl marks caused by the automatic car wash, marring, small scratches, water spots, bird droppings etched into the paint, and holograms caused by insufficient washing Techniques.

So we know the what, but how is paint correction completed? Often times paint correction comes in 3 forms. A paint enhancement which is typically an All in One compound and a soft foam pad this type of corrections brings back gloss and clarify but doesn’t remove deeper imperfections 

Single Stage Paint correction is a more aggressive way of removing paint imperfections, URO pads( Microfiber & buffing pad combined) Mixed with the use of a more aggressive compound repairs defects by 50% 

2 Step paint correction. Is a two-step process both cutting with a more aggressive compound and pad and polishing removing all the haze and micro marring.

All paint corrections come with a  detailed paint thickness report with pictures of before compound has touched the paint. 

If your looking to restore your vehicles paint, or looking to get it to show room readiness. Feel free to call or text the number below for more information.


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Paint Correction
Paint correction services


Prices for midsize size SUV & Trucks are $30 dollars more added to the prices below.
Example: Toyota Sienna, Highlander, Ford Explore Tacoma's, Colorado etc..

FULL-SIZE SUVS $100 more

Prices for full size SUV & Trucks are $100 dollars more added to the prices below.
Example: Yukon at4, Expeditions F350, etc..

Level 1

Enhance Gloss 25% removal
$ 299
  • Our level 1 paint correct was created to give your vehicle paitnwork a boost. During this package we apply a paint enhancement polish that focuses on bring back clarity
  • Contact wash
  • Decontaminated (Clay Bar or Chemical)
  • Tires clean and Dressed
  • Exterior glass clean
  • All in One Polish to enhance service gloss
  • up to 5 month sealant applied

Level 2

up to 50% Defect Removal
$ 499
  • Our level 2 paint correction was created to bring back that lustre, shine and remove the swirls that are introduce from tunnel washes with this package we remove up to 50% defects
  • Contact wash
  • APC rinse
  • Decontaminated (Clay Bar or Chemical)
  • Tires clean and Dressed
  • Exterior glass Clean
  • Single step compound up to 50% correction
  • Ceramic Sealant applied ( up to 9 months protection)

Level 3

2 step paint correction
$ 699
  • If your paintwork needs help removing deeper scratches , water spoting and swirls. This is the service for you. We give your car a full exterior detail, decontamination both mechincial and chemcial.while working on removing 75% of the surface defects.
  • Contact wash
  • APC Rinse
  • Decontaminated (Clay Bar & Chemical)
  • Tires , Wheel Wells clean and Dressed
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • Exterior plastics restored & treated
  • 2 Step paint compound and polishing up to 75% correction
  • 6 month sealant applied to the paint

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