Why paint correction?

We’ve all had that one dream, to own a truck and add the beautiful rims to the lift I mean it’s sharp! We go into hunting season and bam our beautiful truck ends up with Idaho love marks. The payment doesn’t go down but the marks stay. No matter how much you “polish” or even wash the truck those Idaho marks look more and more permanent.

So why paint correction ?

We at EC Details understand that life happens. we offer a service to bring back the gloss that originally brought you joy! We have many options for paint correction here. It could be to remove some swirls from bad washing techniques, or those scratches introduced by the brush drive-through wash bays. We offer a good, better and best system to help all budgets. We bring back gloss and help you fall in love with your car or truck again

2 Step paint correction 2019 Tundra
After the Polish had a ceramic coating.

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